About Us

Prime DG is focused on distributed generation and its mission is to provide dedicated critical electricity generation for commercial and industrial applications.  Distributed generation refers to a variety of technologies that generate electricity at or near the site where it will be consumed.  Prime DG aims to serve clients across a variety of commercial and industrial sectors such as manufacturers, mining companies, oil and gas producers, retail complexes and others.  Prime DG solutions help support delivery of reliable power to additional customers and typically reduce electricity losses along transmission and distribution lines due to the proximity of the generator to the main load.

Our Business

Prime DG offers its clients a reliable source of electric energy at a transparent and predictable cost based on long-term contracts.  We invest the resources and capital necessary to construct, own, operate and maintain world-class generation facilities which can be based on a variety of available technologies, including but not limited to solar, wind, hydro, biomass, fuel cells, combined heat and power systems, and traditional thermal power units.  Our business model provides our clients the ability to free up human and capital resources to invest in their core businesses while Prime DG provides clients reliable and consistent electricity.


Sean Wolters

Head of Business Development

Mr. Wolters has more than 15 years of transaction experience in banking and capital markets. Before joining Prime DG, Sean was Managing Director at The Solace Group, a Panama-based finance and advisory services firm. Prior to The Solace Group, he was a Vice President in Global Corporate and Investment Banking at Banco Santander, where he advised Fortune 100 companies on transactions across the Americas.