Back-up Power
& Grid Stability

Supporting the energy transition process through development of
renewable energy

About Us

Prime Energía is the division of EnfraGen that develops and operates back-up and grid stability power generation in markets throughout Latin America.

Our power generation facilities support the energy transition by providing a secure and reliable source of energy to the electrical grid systems in the countries where we operate sustaining the growing penetration of renewable power that provides energy on an intermittent and often unpredictable and unstable basis to the electric grids.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide stability and support to the markets where we operate in an efficient and sustainable manner

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most efficient provider of back-up power and energy in the countries where we operate, thereby facilitating the development of renewable energy


Prime Energía believes in being a responsible corporate citizen in the countries where we operate.  Our back-up power plants facilitate the development of renewable energy by providing reliable energy that can be called by the system dispatcher to quickly ramp-up and inject energy into the electric system in order to stabilize and support the grid when intermittent renewable generating plants cannot.  Prime Energía’s back-up power plants also provide the grid with energy during periods of drought when hydro power plants suffer restrictions in output and assist with relieving transmission system constraints.

In addition to abiding by all the environmental regulations, we place importance in being a responsible neighbor in the communities where our plants are located.  We have active community relations programs centered around healthy living, education, and culture.